A look back at 2019


A look back
at 2019

2019 was a year where data, enablement through tech, and an absolute focus on customer experience were brought together in an unprecedented way, writes OOH! Media Chief Commercial and Product Officer Robbie Dery.

The advances in audience targeting through big data meant that media organisations shifted from simply designing asset placements within an airport to truly harnessing the convergence of a captive, high-value audience in a premium, high-dwell environment.

Data has allowed us to understand who, when and how many people we are targeting, but most importantly really understand the value to an advertiser, based on what those people spend on. This is a radical shift from demographic (claimed) audience targeting, to buyergraphic audience targeting. These deep insights mean that advertisers have the validation they need to invest with confidence, knowing they are reaching the right customers, at the right time and in the right way. For a media partner, this also means oOh! delivers messaging both through paid advertising as well as content which is relevant and subsequently more engaging.

“With the airport environment delivering unique dwell time, positive mindset, audience value and projected growth, 2020 is set to be even bigger and better”
oOh!media's Robbie Dery

Last year also saw a proliferation of clients wanting to use the airport space to engage through content, both sponsored and native. Shifts from traditional media such as magazines continue to increase as advertisers look for ways to target their audiences on the go, throughout their journey and beyond. The use of digital Out of Home as an amplifier of content and a driver to rich content available online is set to increase as advertisers look for ways to distribute content and engage customers and, in this case, passengers more deeply.

Tech became increasingly more important in order to create contextual relevance, which is proven to drive greater ROI, and to feed into the utility requirements of airport and airline partners.

Recently, Google and oOh! worked together on the Multi App campaign, bringing together the trinity of audience, data and tech to showcase the reactive capabilities of Digital Out of Home and the power of audience-centric messaging. Panels were used across airports, along with multiple oOh! environments to bring Google Search and Google Maps to life at scale across Australia. By utilising the GPS coordinates of each of oOh!’s booked sites, the creative and messaging encouraged the use of Google Search across two popular pillars and Australian obsessions: food and sport.

Creatives were made up of three key segments: a headline, the search copy and the search result, which were integrated with Google’s suite of API feeds. This displayed search features related directly to location, generating results that were a match of the Google mobile search experience.

The creative displayed how Google Search could help Australians discover their local food and drink options, through popular search terms such as ‘Cafes Near Me’, with the corresponding map displaying relevant search results within proximity.

A similar approach was also used to champion Google’s sports product experiences. With live sports scores and fixtures from Google displayed across oOh!’s network in real-time, ensuring Google's industry-leading sports search experience was top of mind during the finals season.

For this campaign, oOh! developed an in-house solution to match the search experience of Google to the company’s sites. Using a complex series of API integrations to connect with Google, the creative sourced and processed data unique to every individual site booked. An integration that traditionally would have required 66,233 individual creatives to execute.

The campaign ran across over 2,400 panels across airports, billboards, retail precincts, street furniture, rail stations and throughout Australia’s largest office tower network. For the campaign, oOh! developed templates with three fields and a series of backend scheduling conditions driven from a content management matrix, which allowed Google to align individual headline copy and Google search bar copy with individual API functionality to be displayed. These line items also allowed Google to control the scheduling conditions including network, time, date and day of week.

Using Google’s data to drive the ultimate relevance, each piece of creative was updated automatically to be contextually relevant and localised to each site location. API integration was delivered across eight oOh! formats nationally, reaching audiences throughout their journey and delivering real-time relevance and location-based messaging at an incredible scale.

The advanced capabilities of oOh!’s network enabled Google to create highly localised creatives and messaging that would otherwise have required complex scheduling workflows.

Looking forward, we will continue to see these ingredients (data, tech and content) come together to drive continued engagement. Each of these elements delivers better outcomes for airport partners, advertisers and passengers. With the airport environment delivering unique dwell time, positive mindset, audience value and projected growth, 2020 is set to be even bigger and better.

oOh!media is a leading media company across Australia and New Zealand that creates deep engagement between people and brands through unmissable Out of Home advertising solutions. Our connected offline and online ecosystem makes brands unmissable across our diverse network of more than 37,000 locations across Australia and New Zealand helping brands connect with their audiences through powerful and integrated, cross-format campaigns. Our unparalleled reach combined with industry best data, insights, media planning tools and technological innovation gives advertisers an added layer of campaign intelligence. oOh! delivers the reach, optimisation, engagement and impact to connect and influence audiences anytime and anywhere.


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